Trip report: Oaxaca, Mexico’s Legendary Birds and Temples (Jan 2008) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Michael Retter.

This is our most popular Mexican tour, and for good reason. Oaxaca (wah-HAH-kah) has the biggest bird list of any Mexican state (around 700).  The group recorded 320 species, including 36 endemic to Mexico and 60 endemic to northern Middle America.  With impressive ruins, a bustling capital city rich in commerce and architecture, a vibrant native culture, and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, Oaxaca offers even the non-birder much to write home about. If you’re looking for a trip that’s also good for a non-birding partner, we highly recommend this one. On many of the days, afternoon birding was optional, so those who wished went shopping, indulged in the local cuisine, and even simply took a siesta.

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