Trip report: Colombia custom tour (Feb-Mar 2010) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Nick Athanas. This was a custom tour that included many of the sites of our Northern Colombia and Central Colombia set-departure tours.

This was my first Colombia trip since late 2007, and it was great to be back! The birds were even better than I remembered, and the logistically the trip was near-perfect. This tour was a custom trip to target endemics and other specialties of the northern half of the country. We went to some fantastically out-of-the-way places and saw some birds not many people ever get to see. Ornithology in Colombia is experiencing a renaissance now that most of the country is once again safe to visit, and there have been a slew of new discoveries in recent years. It seemed like almost every day we were seeing birds that have only been recently found (or rediscovered), some of which are not even described to science yet! It makes it all the more interesting to visit this ultra-diverse country. I should point out that this is one of the more strenuous trips that we offer, with lots of walking involved on often tough terrain, which is one reason why we currently offer this trip upon request only. However, every year, existing reserves are being improved and new sites are being found that make the trip easier. Before too long we will offer a similar itinerary as a set-departure tour.

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