Trip report: Ethopia, Birding the Roof of Africa (Nov 2009) by Tropical Birding

Guided Christian Boix.

No matter how different they say Ethiopia is, awakening at 04h00 am to the roaring Lions outside my hotel window (in the heart of Addis) was somewhat unnerving. It took a confusing few seconds until I realise in my dreamy state that they were Haile Selassies’ kitties going at it from their enclosures at Sidist Kilo’s Lion Park, literally a stone throw away from the hotel. Later on, the less soothing, but trademark call for prayer from mosques and orthodox churches drenched the morning air in a somewhat more familiar drone. Before the roosters added to the cacophony we got dressed, geared and headed for Gefersa Reservoir, in the peaceful outskirts of Addis. The approach to Gefersa yielded several murders of Fan-tailed Ravens, occasionally dwarfed by the odd and endemic Thickbilled Raven as well as several roosts of Hooded Vultures perched and looking miserable in anticipation of sunrise.

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