Trip report: Kenya, The Whole of Africa in a Nutshell (Nov 2008) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Benji Schwartz.

With huge tracts of unspoiled acacia-dotted savannah, Kenya is justly famous as one of Africa’s premier mammal viewing destinations. However, with habitat ranging from lowland rainforest to moorlands above the tree-line, Kenya is also a birders paradise. A trip here in November provides not only all the resident species, but also a whole slew of Palearctic migrants that winter in the warmth of the African sun. In our all-to-brief two week tour we managed to pick up 506 bird species including almost all of the endemic and specialty species we had at our disposal. Though birds were our prime focus, it’s impossible to visit such a diverse country without experiencing the mammals that have made it one of the top tourist destinations in Africa. We took full advantage of the experience and saw an amazing 52 mammal species; including four species of cat, giraffe, elephant, zebra, jackal, hyena and many of the other species that are so iconic to Africa!

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