Trip report: South Africa, Fairest Cape to Kruger (Oct 2007) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Benji Schwartz.

South Africa is an absolutely spectacular country and has one of the highest numbers of endemics of any African nation. From the unique fynbos of the western Cape to the mammals of Kruger and the high mountains of Lesotho, every day brings new and unforgettable experiences. This tour was arranged to take in as much of the country and see as many of the endemics as possible in three weeks time. Completely unplanned, it turned out that three of the participants had birded together on a previous Tropical Birding tour to Australia, and two of them had done a Tropical Birding tour to China together as well. With similar interests and a similar birding intensity, we all had a great time and managed to pick up 433 bird species and 50 mammal species!

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