Trip report: Costa Rica Aug-Sep 2010.

Guided by Michael Retter. This was a custom tour

This private tour included all the same locations as our set-departure Costa Rica Introtour, but it added four exciting locations: the Golfo Dulce/Osa Peninsula, Volcán Arenal, Volcán Poás, and San Vito. Though it took place during the wet season, rain was mostly restricted to after sunset or during the heat of the afternoon, having very little impact other than reinvigorating the birdlife. All participants had birded on the Pacific slopes of both Mexico and northwestern Ecuador, so the main goal of this tour was to see as many of the Costa Rican/Panamanian endemics as possible. And we did marvelously, with one person seeing over 120 lifers! Our total was 412 bird species. We found, and saw well, all 3 of Costa Rica’s mainland endemics: Coppery-headed Emerald, Mangrove Hummingbird, and Black-cheeked Ant-tanager.

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