Trip report: Eastern Australia, from Top to Bottom (Oct-Nov 2010) by Tropical Birding (Nick Leseberg)

Guided by Nick Leseberg.

The Tropical Birding Eastern Australia trip is an epic adventure. The birds in Australia are spectacular in every sense but they are very spread out, and to get as many of them as possible requires a lot of travel. It can be tough, but it pays dividends when birds like Emu, Superb Parrot, Regent Bowerbird, Plains-Wanderer, Paradise Riflebird, Painted Honeyeater and Pink Robin are finding their way into your bins! This year things were made even more testing. An early wet season in north Queensland and large amounts of rain in New South Wales had the effect of dispersing the birds and making them more difficult to find. Additionally, some of those inland birds which had been recorded on this trip over the past few years as draught pushed them to the coast were now retreating inland to the deserts to breed. Still, we set off from Cairns with high hopes to see what we could find, and we weren’t disappointed!

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