Trip report: Australia’s Great Channel Country (September 2010) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Iain Campbell and Nick Leseberg.

The Australian Outback. When most people hear these words, their minds are filled with visions of an arid and desolate landscape. They imagine the soft greys and browns of the sparse vegetation, seemingly interminable blue skies, and the rare slashes of green marking the few great rivers that wend their way across the vast red plains. At first glance this incredible place can seem bereft of life, but closer inspection will reveal an environment positively teeming with a variety of birds and animals, all eking out an existence in this tough land. Tropical Birding’s Great Channel Country tour offers birders a a chance to visit the south-western corner of Queensland, and experience first-hand the fabled Australian Outback, while also seeing somme of the rare and beautiful birds which call it home.

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