Africa Birds and Birding Article : Angels in Camouflage – An appreciation of Larks

Larks have inspired poets as glorious as William Wordsworth, John Milton and Percy Bysshe Shelley, yet most birders consider them only as bothersome LBJs. Much maligned, they are often viewed as little more than a boring identification chore. However, larks have a history as old as Africa itself. Some members have the most
remarkable survival techniques in the avian world, and they sing and display like angels. So is there more to these sombre brown birds than first meets the eye? Shelley thought so, and so does Keith Barnes.

If you would like a renewed attempt to make peace with a challenging group of birds that bestow not only some of the most mythical singing displays, breeding behaviour and morphological adaptations let Keith’s ambassadorial skills re-introduce you to this pet group of his.

Published in Africa : Birds and Birding magazine in August 2009 this article is a must read….enjoy!!

Christian Boix

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