Africa Birds and Birding Article : Ecuador – The Andes to the Amazon

A self-confessed AAA (Africa Addict Anonymous), Keith Barnes doubted that birding in the Neotropics
could live up to its inflated reputation. He was hopelessly wrong.

Where else in the world could one see 700 species in four weeks and still miss out on more than half the birds in the country? What is more, species entirely new to science were still being discovered in Ecuador at the rate of about one a year, literally as his plane was taking off Quito to return to RSA.

In an attempt to organize and settle his emotions and ensure a comeback Keith Barnes wrote one of the first advertorials for Africa birds and Birding to entice South Africans a discovery of this nearby New World destination. It was not a difficult sell, Ecuador’s minute size and good infrastructure still makes it arguably the best country in the world for birdwatchers. The reason is simple: the Equator, Amazon, Andes, Tumbes and Galapagos all converge here, and conspire to create a multitude of diverse habitats, arguably unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

If you would like to discover more about Tropical Birding’s Home country, its mesmerizing and utterly addictive avifauna read on this landmark article ….and enjoy!!

Christian Boix

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