Africa Birds and Birding Article : Important Bird Areas – Conserving Africa’s hottest birding spots

Since its inception at the 1992 PAOC in Burundi, BirdLife International’s African Important Bird Areas (IBA) programme has progressed steadily. Today, a continent-wide directory and several country specific publications have already become essential tools for researchers, environmental consultants, politicians and even the UN as of recently.

Keith Barnes (Chief editor of the Southern African IBA publication) and Lincoln Fishpool ( Global Important Bird Area Coordinator of BirdLife International) explain when an important bird area is an Important Bird Area and how the program is revolutionising bird conservation throughout Africa.

If you would like to discover more about Tropical Birding’s founder member work in this phenomenal and land mark process read this enlightening article published in October 2001 in Africa Birds and Birding Magazine.

Christian Boix

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