Africa Birds and Birding Article : Kenya’s Badlands – desert denizens of the North

After returning from an epic data gathering trip in Kenya, Keith’s pre-doctoral mind had been over fertilized with new ticks, sights, discoveries and rampant germinating ideas he was only eager to share, discuss and expose the world to. The October/November issue of Africa Birds and Birding Magazine was the perfect vehicle to offload a first volley of impressions. Splashed with a selection of great pictures and spiced with the excitement of a returning traveler, you are sure to enjoy this account -Especially if you are nurturing any thoughts to visit Kenya in the near future.

In this article Keith explains how just north of Nanyuki, the Kenyan highlands of Africa’s Great Rift Valley begin to fracture, and the great escarpment crumples down to the Badlands, the sweltering lowland plains that stretch from northern Kenya into Ethiopia and Somalia. But in these barren lands, where understanding how life can eke an existence is a challenge in itself, a plethora of evolutionary adaptations are fascinatingly evident. It is wondrous and mind boggling to discover how convergent evolution has replicated this infallible formulas of survival throughout many other Old World deserts.

Relax, enjoy and let Keith take you to the heart of Kenya’s Badlands !!….

Christian Boix

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