Trip report: Galapagos: Endemics Cruise (Nov 2010)

Guided by Andres Vasquez. This was a set departure tour.

The Galapagos are truly unique. They hold many unique birds and animals, and offer a truly unique wildlife experience as many of these are famously fearless of humans, allowing close-up encounters like nowhere else. We experienced all of this firsthand, from frigatebirds inflating their scarlet throat sacs within feet of us, to a variety of finches and mockingbirds scampering around our feet, to walking through seabird colonies with Swallow-tailed Gulls and cormorants sitting unconcerned just inches away. And then of course there are the famous boobies, we watched on as Blue-footed Boobies danced away revealing their most famous feature in the process. On top of these predictable and expected Galapagos experiences there were other noteworthy ones too-amazing landscapes dominated by stark lava flows, and also superb pelagic birding, where the sheer numbers of specialist seabirds makes for a spectacle all of its own. Aside from all these avian treats, other animals, and especially reptiles featured too, from the masses of Marine Iguanas coating the shorelines, to the immense Giant Tortoises watched grazing and wallowing on Santa Cruz. All-in-all the Galapagos provided an assault on the senses, and was a once-in-lifetime experience for all…

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