Trip report: Sri Lanka (Feb 2011) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Iain Campbell and Alan Davies. This was a custom tour.
Report by Ruth Miller and Alan Davies.

Iain has visited many places, so when he says that Sri Lanka is one of his favorite countries he’s birded in the whole world, you know it’s going to be very special. And he’s not wrong, Sri Lanka has got the lot! If you’ve not birded in Asia before, Sri Lanka is the perfect introduction. You can enjoy all the excitement of discovering outstanding and vibrant Asian birds without the noise and bustle that may be slightly overwhelming in other countries if it’s your first visit to this part of the world. If you’ve birded in other Asian countries before, Sri Lanka is still the perfect destination. You’ll find yourself birding in a mix of habitat ranging from dense forest to open wetland, beaches and tea plantations as you tick off one after another of the 25 endemic species. If you add to the fabulous birds in interesting birding locations, the friendly people, good infrastructure, comfortable accommodation and delicious local food including the best rice and curry in the world, Sri Lanka really does have so much to offer.

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