Trip report: Borneo (June 2011) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Susan Myers. This was a set departure tour.

Borneo is always a super exciting place to see wildlife. Surprisingly for the tropics, I’ve come to expect the unexpected. Most people think of the tropical forests as being sort of static places – the same year round with little variation in conditions. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth – conditions vary considerably but not in the way we expect in the temperate zones. Where most of us come from we can predict the seasonal changes but in the tropics these changes are often capricious…unpredictable and invariably baffling, or failing this they are so subtle as to be quite difficult to discern. I’ve been travelling and naturalising in Borneo for close to twenty years and still so much is a mystery to me. This year it was strange because many of the birds I would expect to find without much difficulty either showed up at the last minute or simply refused to reveal themselves to us. But the counter to that was that we found a number of goodies I don’t expect to see on every trip. That’s always exciting – for me as well as the participants!

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