Trip report: Kenya (May 2011) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Benji Schwartz.

Kenya is known as Africa’s premier safari destination for good reason; with a huge diversity of habitats – including coastal rainforest, the arid bushveld of Tsavo, the Afro-montane forests of Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares, the Congolese rainforest of Kakamega, the Great Rift Valley lakes, and the grassveld of the Serengeti ecosystem – Kenya is home to nearly all of Africa’s large mammals and one of the largest bird lists of any country on the continent! To complement the fantastic natural experiences available are a slew of breathtaking vistas and nearly unsurpassed accommodation. While all Kenya birding tours can expect an extensive list of species, this year’s set-departure trip was exceptional. While the birds seemed largely unresponsive to play-back and a number of normally common species were never encountered, the quality and overall quantity of birds was phenomenal! In total, 641 species (based on Clements) were encountered with another 11 sub-species and potential armchair ticks also seen. On top of this, 54 mammals were encountered – including a sighting of the extremely rare African Wild Dog!

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