Trip report: Ecuador The Andes Introtour (Nov 2011) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Andrés Vásquez.

I think that the reason why this tour is the most popular trip we do is very simple: there is hardly any other tour that in only 6 days can take you birding in 2 famous EBA´s (Chocó and Central Andes), over 6 well marked ecosystems, a variation of altitude of over 3000 meters (9845 feet) in between the highest and lowest birding spot, and a world quality bird lodge located on the first designated IBA in the world giving our clients over 340 birds. If we add the extra days of the extension, as we did, then you need to add another EBA (Central Páramos), 8 Andean Condors on their roosting cliffs, another 40 or so bird species, and a magnificent natural hot spring SPA lodge for a great finale to this unforgettable trip.

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