Trip report: East Africa Photo Megafari: Kenya and Tanzania (April 2012) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Ken Behrens. A Tropical Birding custom tour.

This was a custom trip for a group of friends. The itinerary was identical to the ʻEast Africa Photo Safariʼ set departure offered by Tropical Birding. It was carefully designed to take in the best photographic destinations in the region, and to give participants a chance to come home with an amazing haul of great photos, not to mention an overall amazing experience of this special part of the world. Our tour was certainly a success on both counts. The serious photographers on the trip commented that they had never come home with so many photos before. Although the focus was not racking up a huge list, we found around 400 bird species, far from shabby for a tour where many hours were spent observing and photographing select subjects, mostly big mammals. And speaking of mammals, this was an amazing trip for mammals. We racked up 54 species including the famous ʻbig 5ʼ and much more. Most unexpected was a nutria on the waterhole at The Ark lodge. Itʼs hard to imagine how that beast arrived at that isolated mountain water body!

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