Trip report: Northern Andes, Ecuador (June 2012) by Tucson Audubon Society & Tropical Birding

Guided by Scott Olmstead.

This was a custom tour arranged between Tucson Audubon Society and Tropical Birding, which follows elements of the Tropical Birding Andes Introtour and the High Andes Extension to that tour, and combines with this some sites visited on the Tropical Birding Eastern Ecuador tour.

On this itinerary we escaped the summer heat of Tucson for an excellent introduction to the rugged mountains, lush cloudforests, and expansive páramo grasslands that characterize the northern part of the Ecuadorian Andes. Since we remained at higher elevations, our bird list is heavy on groups that typify Andean birding, such as hummingbirds (38 species) and tanagers (54 species). Other highlights of our trip include breathtaking landscapes, a seemingly endless diversity of flowers, and delightful cuisine. Did I mention the 7 species of antpittas we saw??

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