Trip report: Chile (November 2012)

Guided by Andrew Spencer

I’ll admit it – Chile is one of my favorite places to guide, anywhere. You might wonder why – it doesn’t have the sky-high lists of other countries in South America. I’ve seen more birds in a day in a number of countries than I see in a whole trip to Chile. But what it lacks in number of species it more than makes up for in the undeniable coolness of those species. And combine that with a superb infrastructure, excellent weather, good food, and world-class scenery and you have all the makings of a magical place.

On this year’s set departure tour of Chile we only ran the central and southern portions, but managed to nearly clean up on our targets. Included among these were all eight of Chile’s tapaculos, all of the mainland endemics, and many other spectacular species. We missed a few of the species we had on last year’s tour, but made up for them with sightings of some much-wanted species including the newly described Ticking Doradito, rare Great Shrike-Tyrant, and excellent visuals of the reclusive Stripe-backed Bittern.

Click this link to view the full report in PDF format (8.4 MB file)