Trip report: Southeast Brazil, custom tour (Sept-Oct 2012) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Nick Athanas and Andres Vasques; report by Andres Vasquez.

Richard Goldfarb is a client who I have guided in Ecuador on four different occasions. This time he wanted to do something different in South America, and so Southeast Brazil is arguably the next best trip for someone who has extensively birded the Andean, Tumbesian, and Amazon

This tour focused on the Atlantic Rainforest, a unique ecosystem that hosts lots of endemic species, not only of birds, but also mammals and other fauna. For this reason, Tropical Birding typically runs several set departure tours in this region each year, and it is a birding region that seems to be growing in popularity. I certainly hope this trend continues, so that I can return and guide there again soon.

The list at the end totaled 384 bird species, of which almost 60 were country endemics to Brazil, and also included representatives from 64 different bird families. Highlights included Helmeted Woodpecker, along with 12 other woodpecker species; Red-legged Seriema; Long-trained Nightjar; Sawbilled Hermit; Plovercrest; Frilled Coquette; Buff-bellied, White-eared, and Crescent-chested Puffbirds; Itatiaia Spinetail; Araucaria Tit-Spinetail; 8 species of woodcreeper, 25 species of Antbirds including Giant, Large-tailed, Spot-backed, and Whitebearded Antshrikes, and Whitebibbed, Squamate, Scaled, Ochrerumped, Bertoni’s, Ferruginous, and Dusky-tailed Antbirds; both Rufous and Black-cheeked Gnateaters; Slaty Bristlefront; Spotted Bamboowren; Sharpbill; 64 species of Tyrant Flycatcher; 7-8 Red-ruffed Fruitcrows at several locations; Bare-throated Bellbird; Hooded Berryeater; Black-and-gold and Swallow-tailed Cotingas; Pin-tailed and Blue Manakins; the unique Black-capped Piprites; Buff-throated Purpletuft; and a sparkling list of colorful tanagers out of which Red-necked, Giltedged, Diademed, Brazilian, Green-headed, Brown, and Cinnamon Tanagers stood out. It was
also a very good trip for mammals; we saw 4 species of monkeys, capybaras and the endemic Red-rumped Agouti.

If this does not make you dream about visiting Brazil, then I don’t know what would?

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