Trip report: Northwest Ecuador, In Search of Chocó Endemics (Jan 2013) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Jose Illanes.

This was a trip that had it’s challenges; heavy rain for one, which dogged us during our time in the extreme northwest. However, we faced these challenges head on, and ended up with some quality endemics and specialties of the region, including the super rare White-faced Nunbird, which was not only seen but photographed along the Chical Road, the monotypic family, Sapayoa, was seen at one of the best sites in the world for it: Playa de Oro. We also had some incredible looks at the increasingly difficult Five-colored Barbet, along with Tanager Finch, Scarlet-breasted Dacnis, Scarlet-and-white Tanager and Golden-chested Tanager. Even if you were not chasing down endemics for their rarity or quality check mark on the list, some of these birds were worth a look for their extraordinary looks alone.

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