Trip report: Colorado: Chasing Chickens (April 2013) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Andrew Spencer. This was a set departure tour.

There are few birding locations in the Unites States that offer the all-round experience you can get in Colorado. Not only do you have stunning mountain scenery, deep canyons, soaring redstone cliffs, and vast rolling prairie, you also get an avian spectacle unmatched anywhere on the continent. Namely, the displaying grouse for which the state is the best place in the world to see.This year’s tour found nearly the full gamut of these charismatic “chickens”, dipping only on Dusky Grouse, and also managed to haul in all three Rosy-Finches, Mountain Plover, and a wide variety of other species. Compared to the previous year there was infinitely more snow, and the season in general felt very “delayed”. This both helped and hurt – many species seen the previous year were missed (and probably hadn’t arrived yet), but others much harder in 2012 (or not seen at all) were rather easily found.

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