Trip report: Galapagos Endemics Cruise (Oct-Nov 2013)

Guided by Jose Illanes.

This Galapagos cruise was more than just racking up all the available endemics; it was, and is always about the “Galapagos Experience”. Few places on Earth can complete with the Galapagos for the extreme tameness of the birds, from dancing boobies, with their infamous bright blue feet; to frigatebirds with their facial sacks inflated to full gaudy effect; the Galapagos leaves ever type of nature lover, leaving with both unforgettable images and plentiful photos, whether you carry a simple point-and-shoot, and I-phone, or a professional SLR. Other highlights included close-ups of Galapagos Penguins in the water, the strange Flightless Cormorant, and a memorable visit to the largest Waved Albatross colony on the planet.

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