Trip report: Colorado (April 2014) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Jacob Cooper. This was a set departure tour.

Colorado offers birding experiences that can seldom be found anywhere in the world. Its unique topography and geographic location lead to eastern, western, southern and northern birds being found in relatively close proximity. During this tour, we “threaded the needle” between storms, encountering surprisingly good weather conditions while simultaneously discovering many birds we were not expecting. Our small band of three obtained diagnostic views of every grouse save Dusky, and were able to watch the males’ obscene and fascinating displays as they wooed nearby females. These incredible birds were worth the trip alone, but when combined with the unbeatable scenery, they made for an unbelievable journey. From being feet away from a vagrant Yellow-throated Warbler to enjoying the rambunctious antics of the Sharp-tailed Grouse, the mix of birds and experiences was enthralling.

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