Trip report: Northern India (Jan-Feb 2014) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Ken BehrensThis was a custom tour.

India is an intoxicating place. It holds a vast range of people and cultures, colors and tastes, and complex history. Thankfully for travelling birders, it is also an excellent birding location. Birds are not persecuted, and therefore are abundant and tame. India is also perhaps the best mammal-watching location in the world outside of Africa. There is excellent Himalayan foothill birding, plains birding for subcontinental scrub birds and a bounty of waterbirds, boat trips for scarce riverine species, and of course the fabled tiger parks.

This was a custom trip arranged for a group of friends who have taken many trips with Tropical Birding. The group opted for a quick pre-tour that took in the cultural wonders of Jaipur, plus the impressive desert around Jaisalmer. They even notched up a few good birds including the huge and critically endangered Indian Bustard. For the birding portion of the trip, there were basically two goals: find as many new birds as possible for the two keen birders on the trip, and simply to soak in the mammals, birds, and different environments for the remainder of the group. This was not a tour where we tried to rack up a huge bird list; our birding was targeted, and we spent a lot of time watching and photographing mammals.

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