Trip report: Taiwan: Formosan Endemics (Apr 2014) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Charley Hesse. This was a set departure tour with a slightly different itinerary to the one currently being offered.

This year’s Taiwan Set Departure tour was again a resounding success. Not only did we see an impressive 209 species of birds, including all the endemics which have increased now to 24 species) and the vast majority of endemic subspecies, but thanks to the efforts of the tour participants we had the best ever lists for reptiles, amphibians and our first butterfly list. We were lucky to have fine weather for most of the trip, which made the birding comfortable and enabled us to enjoy the breath-taking scenery of this beautiful island. Again, clients were impressed at how developed, safe and friendly Taiwan is and also at the great facilities in the parks we visited. The highlights of our trip included great views of male Swinhoe’s & Mikado Pheasants and Taiwan Partridge at feeding sites, great night viewing with Formosan Serow, Reeves Munjac and Red-and-white Flying Squirrel, finding the MEGA Himalayan or Chinese Tawny Owl at Hehuanshan, and the incredibly elusive, white-headed Island Thrush at Cingjing, plus amazing butterfly viewing at Shuangliou.

Click this link to view the full report in PDF format (3.6 MB file).