Trip report: Central Peru (November 2013)

Guided by Andrew Spencer. This was a custom tour.

Peru is easily one of the World’s most visited tropical birding destinations. And for good reason – sky-high diversity, combined with good infrastructure, excellent habitat, and a good dose of local culture make this a must-hit location for any world traveler. But if you look at the majority of birding tours to Peru most of them visit the southern part of the country. A few visit the more remote north. But very, very few ever venture into the mountainous center of this large country. And that is a real shame – Central Peru has some of the best birding, the highest endemism, and some of the best scenery available. While the tourist infrastructure still isn’t up to snuff compared the the more traveled south, it has improved with leaps and bounds over even a few years ago, and running a birding tour here has never been easier.

This was Tropical Birding’s first tour to most of Central Peru. It was arranged as a custom tour for five of the participants on the 2011 Chile tour, and targeted a mix of Peruvian endemics, with a route maximizing species diversity. And we were wildly successful on both fronts! Weather mostly held in our favor, with a few rainy days hindering us a bit, but in the end not costing a whole lot of species. Most of the targeted endemics cooperated well, and some surprises here and there added some spice to the tour.

Click this link to view the full report in PDF format (6 MB file)