Trip report: Ecuador Photo Journey (July 2014) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Pablo Cervantes.

The Ecuador Photo Journey is an adventure of 8 days shooting birds that visits the rich slopes of the Andes in both the northwest and east of the country. We visited lowland rainforest sites as low as 400m/1310ft., and as high as the windswept paramo grasslands at 4300m/14,100ft. Some of the highlights of this particular tour, were our first ever chances to photograph Rufous-breasted Antthrush on this tour, with excellent opportunities due to a habituated bird at one of our regular stops; and a series of fruit feeders were active during our time, giving us opportunities to shoot colorful species like Flame-faced and Golden-naped Tanagers, and Choco Toucan. An extremely co-operative Blue-chested Hummingbird was another unexpected and pleasant tour first. While this is a tried and tested itinerary, there is enough in this region that remains unpredictable, making each tour unique.

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