Trip report: Australia Photo Journey (Sep-Oct 2014) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Scott Watson.

With a country as vast, and as varied as Australia, the photography possibilities are endless, and this tour is designed to get you as many photos as possible of different wildlife, in different habitats. We started in the far north rocky outcrops and billabongs of Kakadu National Park, then to the coral reefs, rainforests and mangroves of northern Queensland, to the true outback mulga of Bowra Station, the mountain forests of Lamington National Park, and finally to the rocky coasts and Eucalypt forests of Tasmania. This photo journey got us into the best habitats Australia has to offer. This being said, we came away with good to great photos of 210 species of birds (335 species photographed in total), including all of the Bowerbirds (4 species at their bowers!), both Birds-of-Paradise, 22 species of Cockatoos and Parrots, 40 species of Honeyeater, and 13 species of Australian Robins. On this tour we don’t just stop at birds either, since a photo journey to Australia isn’t complete unless you come home with photos of Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wallaroos, Tree-Kangaroos, Koala, Pademelons, Possoms, Platypus, and Bandicoots! In total we got photos of 18 species of mammal including memorable encounters with Koala feeding in tall Eucalypt forest, huge Red Kangaroos bounding in the endless morning sun of the outback, and the rare Platypus feeding within arms reach of us. And if that wasn’t enough, Australia is also home to some of the coolest and most cooperative reptiles in the world, with Saltwater Crocodile, Carpet Python, Shingleback, Bearded Dragons, and a dozen other lizards all coming into the open for us. With so much wildlife to shoot at any given time it is no wonder we all finished off with full hard drives, empty batteries, and tired trigger fingers!

Click this link to view the full report in PDF format (5.3 MB file)