Trip report: The Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica (Jan-Feb 2015) on the Akademik Ioffe

Report by Nick Athanas.

A cruise like this is for most people a one in a lifetime experience, and it easily lived up to all the hype. It was a dream come true for all nature lovers and wildlife photographers, and I’ve never been anywhere else where you could get so close to such an amazing abundance of wildlife. Most of the birds and other animals were totally unafraid of people, and often would quite literally walk up to you and check you out. The stark mountains, immense glaciers, and towering icebergs provided a breathtaking backdrop to the wildlife show, and the sheer scenic beauty took us all by surprise. We were fortunate to have terrific weather that allowed us to land at nearly all the planned locations (and all the essential ones), and gave us unusually calm seas throughout the voyage. The trip was expertly operated by One Ocean Expeditions, and their experienced and knowledgeable staff and guides helped make for a truly unforgettable journey through the southern ocean.

Click this link to view the full report in PDF format (10 MB file).

Edit September 2015: Scott Stallard, a fellow passenger on the Ioffe, shared a terrific video about this same cruise – click here to see it.