Trip report: High Andes Extension (January 2015) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Andres Vasquez. This was the extension to our set departure Andes Introtour. Please click here for that report.

The Andes Introtour is one of our most popular tours, in fact it is the absolute bestseller for Tropical Birding. In only 6 days we visit many ecosystems of various altitudinal belts averaging about 350 species of birds recorded; all that by staying in only one lodge strategically located for this purpose, the great Tandayapa Bird Lodge. There is only one ecosystem in the region that we cannot really reach from Tandayapa and that is the páramos of the high Andes above the tree line. In order to visit this amazing habitat we offer this short High Andes extension.

I have guided the Andes Introtour and its High Andes extension many times and I have to say that at the end of the entire tour when we summarize the experiences and sightings by nominating the top 5 birds, most times 3 out of the 5 come from the extension; typically those would be the birds mentioned in the paragraph below. The beauty of this region is striking; despite the cold temperatures, it is usually voted the favorite in terms of scenery. With this foreword I want to say that if you are thinking on joining the Andes Introtour, please do not hesitate on joining the High Andes Extension as well; you would only add 2 days but those would be memorable, extremely worth it.

Click this link to view the trip report in PDF format (3.1 MB file)