Trip report: Mexico: Oaxaca & Chiapas (Mar-Apr 2015) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Andrew Spencer.

Oaxaca has a hefty suite of localized endemic species and a dizzying variety of habitats (and thus birds), it also has some of the best food in Mexico (no easy feat), a fascinating mix of cultures, and world class archeological sites. When you combine that with the extension to Chiapas, where the birds take on a Central America flavor, you have them makings of a great trip.

Our 2015 set-departure tour got to sample all that and more. We had excellent luck throughout, finding nearly all our target species without too much trouble, and stumbling on a number of harder species along the way. With the tour timed right around the start of the spring rains, the birds were vocal and easier to find than during a dry winter trip. Votes for Bird of the Trip included species as varied as Blue-throated Motmot, Rosita’s Bunting, and Fulvous Owl, but the clear winner was the stunning Pink-headed Warbler. In the end we scored an incredible 498 species, including 41 warbler species, 20 different wrens, and 10 corvids.

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