Trip report: Sichuan & the Tibetan Plateau (Qinghai) May-June 2015 by Tropical Birding

Guided by Sam Woods.This was a custom tour that included some sites not visited on the current itinerary.

In many ways this was not a typical tour of these areas; the tour formed two parts, (like the main section of the Sichuan/Qinghai combo tour that we have run in recent years, although was run with different participants on each of these legs). Thus, the itinerary followed our main Sichuan and Qinghai itinerary, but did not cover the Southern Shans Extension, and did not include any birding in Sichuan’s capital, Chengdu. On the Qinghai leg in particular, it was especially focused on targeting a specific list of birds requested by the experienced world birder on board the tour. To this end, we were very successful, finding almost all of the species on the elite list of birds requested, most notably the Pink-tailed Bunting or Prezevalski’s Rosefinch, (photo below), leaving this birder with just two more world bird families to complete his family quest. The Sichuan section ran largely as the usual, main section, of the tour had done previously, although did not include the Southern Shans extension, and therefore many birds normally associated with a longer, three-week tour of the province were not seen on this itinerary. The main focus on the Sichuan section was trying to find as many as we could from that most hallowed of groups, the pheasants. This goal was achieved, with a heady list of TEN species seen from this group during our time in this culturally and culinary rich region of China.

If you wish to see a trip list, which reflects more closely the full list of birds possible, please see one of our older reports from 2012 or 2013; which can be found here:

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Click this link to view the full 2015 report in PDF format.