Trip report: Ghana: Picathartes and Egyptian Plover (March 2016) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Charley Hesse. This was a set departure tour.

This year’s Tropical Birding ‘Picathartes & Egyptian Plover’ Ghana tour was another resounding success. We had astounding views of Picathartes around their roost site, plus 5 very close Egyptian Plovers on the upper White Volta River in Northern Ghana. Other highlights included watching the incredible Standard-winged Nightjar in flight with it’s ‘other-worldly’ standards in tow, great views of rare forest hornbills, such as White-crested, Red-billed & Black Dwarf-Hornbills; some dazzling gems of Kingfishers, including Shining-blue, White-bellied, Pygmy, Dwarf & Blue-breasted; spectacular raptors, like Congo Serpent-Eagle and Ayre’s Hawk-Eagle, Fraser’s, Akun & Grayish Eagle-Owls, and other forest denizens like Hartlaub’s Duck, Great Blue Turaco & African Finfoot. We visited a range of widely different habitats, spanning the length of Ghana, from lowland rainforest & coastal lagoons, to farmbush and the arid north of the country. In doing so, we saw a huge variety of birds, mammals, reptiles and butterflies. In Ankasa National Park we had surprisingly comfortable camping, which enabled us to stay in the middle of the forest with all its sights and sounds. It was a terrific introduction to the beautiful nature of the West African region, and the colorful culture of the very welcoming Ghanaian people.

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