Trip report: Bhutan (March 2016) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Ken Behrens. This was a custom tour.

In the modern world, it’s difficult for a place to retain an air of mystery. Yet Bhutan, with its unclimbed peaks, rumors of yetis, revered monarchy, and vast forests is one such place. In birding terms, this means that virtually every tour makes an interesting discovery or two, while taking in the fascinating culture, beautiful scenery, tasty food, and of course the abundant and diverse birdlife. Birding highlights of this custom trip included many of the country’s top specialties—with pheasants like Himalayan Monal and Satyr Tragopan, the monotypic family of Spotted Elachura, Rufous-necked Hornbill, Black-tailed Crake, several species of parrotbills and many laughing thrushes. This trip also included a strong cultural component. We spent several hours soaking in the colorful spectacle of the Paro “masked dance” festival, and visited three of Bhutan’s largest dzongs, castle-like structures that historically mixed military, administrative, and religious functions.

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