Trip report: Southern Spain: The Europe Introtour (March 2017)

Guided by Lisle Gwynn. This was a set-departure tour.

Although it has largely been neglected by North American birders, birding in Spain remains almost a right of passage to European birders, with many cutting their world birding teeth in the Iberian Peninsula. This should be no surprise, as with fantastic birding, varied landscapes and habitats, great infrastructure, comfortable accommodation and superb food it has everything one needs for a great birding trip.

The focus of this tour is enjoying what is arguably the best birding in Europe, whilst also sampling the Mediterranean way of life. Imagine slowly making your way through the wildflower-filled fields of the open steppe in search of bustards and sandgrouse, watching dozens of giant Griffon Vultures pass by at arm’s length in a reserve world famous for its birds of prey, and scouring a seemingly endless wetland from a town that is straight from the wild west. Along the way we take in epic Iberian feasts of food and wine so local you can point at where the food and grapes came from, and enjoy picnic lunches of local hams, cheeses, fresh baked bread and other delights while taking in the stunning surroundings. That’s just part of what birding in Spain is about. Read on by clicking the link below…

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