Trip report: Brazil, the Atlantic Forest Introtour (Sept 2017) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Andres Vasquez. This was a set-departure tour.

This short tour is a great hit due to many reasons. Bird-wise it produces lots of Brazilian endemics that often come in the shape of the most beautifully colored tanagers or the nicest patterned antbirds not to mention some extravagant hummingbirds and elegant cotingas. Scenery-wise, we travel in some beautiful landscapes from the lowland rainforest to the bamboo-dominated highland forest, and from the coastline to the drier interior. This trip is designed to give the opportunity to travelers that cannot spend a long time away from home so they can see a large number of Atlantic Forest specialties in a relatively small area.

Some of the highlights, voted by the participants, included Bare-throated Bellbird singing right above our heads with its ear-splitting “boinks”, a patient Frilled Coquette that perched and gave scope views to the whole group, the dullish but very special Three-toed Jacamar, a close encounter with Red-legged Seriemas in an open field, the cute White-eared Puffbird, good views of a gorgeous male Green-crowned Plovercrest, the hulking Giant Antshrike (which was the chosen representative of the amazing family), and among all the stunning tanagers, the Brassy-breasted got picked as the favorite. Even I got a couple lifers that had avoided me the past five years of birding these areas: the scarce Chestnut-headed Tanager along the trails of Itororó Lodge (which apparently is “the place” for this bird in the region) and the probably spreading Campo Troupial near Sumidouro. Click the link

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