Trip report: Southeast Brazil (Oct 2017) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Nick Athanas. This was a set-departure tour.

Southeast Brazil is filled with fabulous birds and no matter how often I go there it’s always tons of fun. Friendly people, nice hotels and lodges, tasty food, and the occasional caipirinha all add to the great experience, not to mention our lively and very enthusiastic driver, Eduardo. A few of the more memorable highlights included a pair of Brazilian Mergansers spotted at the first place we checked (and my first sighting in four years!), a near sweep of the antbirds with amazing close-ups of some jaw-droppers like Giant Antshrike and Large-tailed Antshrike, uncanny luck with owls with six species seen, and the unbeatable hummingbird show at Jonas’s feeders. On the “furry” side of the spectrum, Giant Anteater was the clear favorite with a nice encounter in the grasslands of Serra da Canastra. We nearly made it through the whole trip without losing significant time to bad weather, but our streak was doused at the very last minute with a lot of rain in the Serra do Cipó. It cost us a few birds, but we still ended up with a pretty impressive list, and it was a really smooth trip with a great group of people.

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