Trip report: Namibia custom tour (Nov 2017) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Charley Hesse. This was a custom tour with a slightly different itinerary than our set-departure tour.

Namibia evokes images of dry, barren landscapes, and this is in part true, but many of these are incredibly scenic and remarkeably full of life. We visited several distinct ecotypes, from the dry, Kalahari scrub and thornveld of the Khomas Hochland plateau, to rocky edges to the escarpment, and from the ancient, dune-filled Namib Desert to the dry open plains of Etosha National Park. We tracked down Namibia’s only geopolitical endemic, the Dune Lark at Sossusvlei, the endangered Hartemann’s Mountain Zebra crossing the Namib desert, and the charismatic near-endemic Rockrunner and White-tailed Shrike in the stunning Erongo Mountains. We found the iconic Welwitschia mirabilis (practically a living fossil) and enjoyed the mysterious rock engravings at Twyfelfontein. We delved into the fascinating culture of the Himba tribe in the neighbouring Kaokoland, and for a grand finale, we experienced the amazing Etosha National Park with its associated megafauna. As well as sightings of lions, leopards and elephants galore, we enjoyed the unique photographic opportunities of some wonderful birdlife. It was truly an unforgettable trip.

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