Trip report: Jamaica – The Caribbean Introtour (January 2018) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Charley Hesse . This was a custom tour with the same itinerary as our set departure tour.

Jamaica is the perfect place to begin exploring the Caribbean. It is easily reached from the US with regular flights, there is a good tourist infrastructure, and the impressive crop of endemics (27 by a conservative count) tops the Carribean. The birding is relatively easy, and one has a good chance of seeing every endemic and even photographing many of them. The charm of the friendly locals, a distinctive cuisine, fantastic music, stunning scenery and world-famous coffee all add extra reasons to visit this already attractive destination. It’s not just number of endemics either. The list boasts some absolute corkers with birds like Jamaican Tody, the long-tailed Streamertail hummingbird and Jamaican Owl being perennial favorites. Lush montane forest in the famous Blue Mountains National Park holds the vast majority of Jamaica’s endemics, but dry forest of the Hellshire Hills, relaxing botanical gardens, the famous Ecclesdown Road in the base of the John Crow Mountains, and even a splash of birding on the coast and wetlands gives a very varied trip.

Click this link to view the full Jamaica – The Caribbean Introtour trip report in PDF format (2.5 MB file)