Trip report: Thailand custom tour (Feb 2018) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Laurie Ross and Phil Chaon.
This was a custom tour that included a Thai Peninsula extension.
Report written by Phil Chaon.

Thailand is one of those indescribable places. Trying to put it into words after nearly a month in this incredibly diverse country I am confronted with a series of stills and images rather than a single coherent idea. The towering skyscrapers of Bangkok. White pyramids of salt in the bright mid-day sun surrounded by hordes of shorebirds. The unearthly song of gibbons echoing off misty hillsides in the early morning. The sweet smell of a warm pine forest and the persistent clear whistles of a Giant Nuthatch. Thailand is a kaleidoscope of landscapes, flavors, and bird communities with influences from many corners of the continent evident at this crossroads of a nation. All of this combined with a whopping 517 bird species seen on tour and it is easy to see why this tour is a favorite for guides and clients alike.

FULL Thailand custom tour trip report Feb 2018 (pdf format; 8.4 MB file)