Trip report: Brazil: The Pantanal and Atlantic Forest (Sept 2018) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Fito Downs. This was a custom tour.

Our wonderful custom tour to Brazil covered the Pantanal and Atlantic Forest, and took place almost at the end of the dry season. We experienced very high temperatures especially during the day but it dropped dramatically during the night. It was a wonderful time to travel around the state of Mato and Sao Paulo.

The city of Cuiaba is the head of the Mato Grosso department, one of the biggest states in Brazil and is home to the world’s largest wetland name the Pantanal, which also spreads into Bolivia. For more than a week we traveled along the interesting Transpantaneira Road there, starting at the southern end of the small town of Pocone and little by little we entered deeper into the Pantanal, until we reached the Cuiaba River, also known as the “Jaguar’s Kingdom”. At the end of the week in the Pantanal, we had seen eight different Jaguars, one lovely Giant Anteater, numerous Giant River Otters and fantastic views of numerous herons, egrets, kingfishers and one of the most beautiful birds of the Pantanal, the unbeatable Hyacinth Macaw.

Later in the trip we visited the endangered Atlantic Forest north from Sao Paulo. Our main goal there was to find those wonderful tanagers, which of course we did, and saw them very well. The landscape around Ubatuba was breathtaking, amazing forest coming down all the way down to the ocean is something that we do not see in every tour. We then focused our time in the dense bamboo-dominated forest for colorful antbirds and rare tapaculos and we also visited fantastic bird feeders where we found some of our main targets, such as awesome hummingbirds and colorful tanagers, many of them local to the region.

Brazil: Pantanal and Atlantic Forest custom tour trip Report 2018 (pdf; file size: 8.8 MB)