Trip report: Brazil: Atlantic Forest Highlights (July 2019) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Andrés Vásquez. This was a set departure tour.

The Atlantic Forest of Southeast Brazil is a very well-known Endemic Bird Area (EBA) of the World thanks not only to its richness, in terms of endemic species but also thanks to the fact that most of those endemic birds are absolutely spectacular. This makes that this region of the globe is in the bucket list of any birdwatcher that wants to fill his/her list with A TON of brightly colorful endemic birds. Now, this area is vast and in order to cover it all we have to drive considerably long distances in over three weeks of birding (which we do in our comprehensive SE Brazil tour, see here: BUT FORTUNATELY for the birders that do not have all this long time off we created this shorter trip, The Atlantic Forest Highlights tour, which very well represents “in a nutshell” the greatness of this region since it includes most of the very nicest-looking birds of the whole EBA.

We designed this tour to cover both highlands and lowlands of the Atlantic forest by spending 3 nights in each zone based out of two great hotels. With this we cover all the altitudinal gradation of bird species in the area and this means a great variety of potential birds. This also means the trip is logistically very comfortable without sacrificing great birding since the hotspots are either very close or they are right within.

Cutting to the chase, amongst the most memorable birds of the tour we had Black-billed Scythebill, Green-crowned Plovercrest, Red-necked, Green-headed, Gilt-edged, Brassy-breasted, Brazilian, Black-goggled, and Golden-chevroned Tanagers, Mantled and White-necked Hawk (both perched closely), Half-collared Sparrow, Araucaria Tit-Spinetail, Itatiaia Spinetail, Streamer-tailed Tyrant, Curl-crested Jay, Robust, Blond-crested, and White Woodpeckers, Saw-billed Hermit (among the 4 species of hermits we saw), Shear-tailed Gray-Tyrant, Frilled and Festive Coquettes, White-eared Puffbird, Tawny-browed Owl, 19 species of antbirds out of which Scaled Antbird and Black-hooded Antwren were the favorites of the group.

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