Trip report: Madagascar Photo Tour (Oct-Nov 2019) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Pablo Cervantes D.. This was a set-departure tour.

There is nowhere, on this planet, like Madagascar. A little African, a little Asian, and a lot unique, the so-called 8th continent has earned this title and more so with its bounty of endemic wildlife. From large lemurs and long boas, to tiny chameleons and miniature insects, there is a never ending supply of photographic subjects. The key beauty of this country? Nearly everything you point your camera at is endemic to Madagascar and found nowhere else on Earth, guaranteeing every firsttime visitor a huge portfolio of species photographed for the first time. Pablo has put together a beautiful selection of photos in his report, just click the link below and enjoy!

Click this link to view the full Madagascar Photo Tour trip report. (7 MB PDF)