Trip report: Namibia and Botswana (Aug-Sept 2019) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Crammy Wanyama and Emma Juxon This was a custom tour with an itinerary similar to our set-departure tour

Our August 2019 Namibia custom tour was a success. Namibia is a fascinating country of flats, hills and mountains with constantly changing habitats. These unique habitats that have given a home to diverse wildlife that can easily be overlooked while wandering around. These include a couple of perfectly camouflaged reptiles, endemics like the reddish Dune Lark, the long-legged Tenobriodis beetles with legs made for handling this dry and hot part of the world. We searched for birds and other wildlife from the plains, dry flatlands and dunes, along with life-supporting sandy rivers, the incomparable game-filled Etosha National Park. and the wooded sand-lands of Botswana. August is not the time of the year to expect rains, but the country is filled with wildlife that has adapted to this dry climate. It also has very welcoming people and some of the most panoramic views of the region. It is a destination with perfect backgrounds for photography, great for casual as well as hardcore photographers, and these shots help enjoying the beautiful memories that will linger.

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Full Tropical Birding Namibia and Botswana trip report (3 MB PDF)