Trip report: South Africa Fairest Cape to Kruger (Sept 2019) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Crammy Wanyama. This was a set departure tour, and included the Drakensberg extension

Despite the continued drought that has hit South Africa and the fires that are both controlled and wild, we managed to have a fantastic trip. The conditions made finding birds a little harder, but we did very well with most of our targets. The results for the main tour were incredibly impressive from the Cape to the mountainous forests of Wilderness, to the much drier but clear-skied Karoo and the Guetang and Mpumalanga provinces that we visited. Wakkerstroom’s grasslands and Kruger’s wooded habitats in Mpumalanga, although dry, presented a whole lot of birds that delighted our greedy eyes. The extension to the more greener and forested Kwazulu-Natal treated us to its range restricted forest species that we so desired to see. We enjoyed an excellent mammal experience and magnificent scenery that this vast country offers. Photography for the casual photographers among the group was great, and we had a clean sweep on highly desired families like rockjumpers, turacos, and others, before returning home with over 480 species of birds for the entire trip.

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South Africa: Fairest Cape to Kruger trip report (5 MB PDF)