Trip report: Yellowstone and The Tetons Photo Tour (September 2020) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Ben Knoot. This was a set-departure tour

Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. There is a certain fantasy and pull when these words are spoken. Not only is the area geologically exciting, holding hundreds of geysers, springs and thermal vents but of course, it is home to the largest North American land mammals, just ripe for photographing. This is one of several unique tours Tropical Birding offers as it focuses more on photographing the large mammals than the local bird species. That being said, Yellowstone in the fall is arguably one of the best places to photograph “The Phantom of the North”, the Great Gray Owl. They choose this 2.2 million acre national park to nest, so come fall, the juveniles have fledged and are beacons to aid in our search of this mythical animal. The Great Gray Owl is a big target on this trip. This tour also focuses on stunning landscapes such as the Norris Geyser Basin, plummeting waterfalls like Upper and Lower Falls and sensationally weird and unique geological occurrences like Great Prismatic Spring. So to summarize…one group, 6-days, large rutting mammals, hungry bears, mythical birds and sensational landscapes!

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