Trip report: Washington Fox Photo Tour & Workshop (May 2021) by Tropical Birding

Guided by Ben Knoot This was a set-departure tour

This tour is a bit different to a normal photo tour that Tropical Birding has run. This was Tropical Birding’s first target specific photo tour. Vulpus Vulpus, more commonly known as Red Fox, is native to the mainland, but was introduced in the Orcas Islands off the coast of Washington State and has prospered there. I was lucky enough to go to school in Washington State for four years and I got to know the area and the various family of fox very well. Even after I finished with school, I still make it up there every year to enjoy the truly wonderful spectacular of these fox families raising their kits.

This year was a bit tough for the foxes. And this is for one very particular reason, the rabbits. During previous years, the rabbits were numerous and you actually had to watch your step to avoid them below your boot. However, during the year of 2019, the rabbit population saw a massive decline of 97% (no, that’s not a typo). Over 97% of the foxes food supply was wiped out from a case of Hemorrhagic Fever. But fox are intelligent and scrappy creatures. Never before have I seen so many voles and rats brought into the den sites as I did this year. We witnessed very few rabbits brought into the den, a testament to the situation the fox are currently dealing with.

Over the course of five days we traveled around the island photographing a variety of bird species and fox. This tour was somewhat different to our normal photo tour and as such, the trip report will be slightly different as well. What you will see below is a collection of the fox photos and then a collection of birds we were able to photograph. The days in general were roughly the same. The mornings and evenings were spent with the foxes and to fill the mid morning and mid afternoons, we off in search of some of the islands fabulous birds.

Click the link below to read the full report, which is full of superb photos taken during the tour

Full Tropical Birding Washington Fox Photo Tour/Workshop trip report (10 MB, PDF format)