Kenya Tours

Kenya well deserves its nickname among birders: “Africa in a Nutshell”. It holds nearly a full range of African habitats, from coastal forest to Alpine moorland, and from semi-desert thorn scrub to the easternmost outpost of the Congo Basin rainforest. If you’re only going to make one trip to Africa, this is probably the best choice. You can easily see 1/4 of the continent’s birds, and most of its iconic mammals in a couple weeks. We offer a thorough birding tour, including an extension to the coast. For photo tours, we offer a short Kenya-only trip that is designed to be short and affordable, as well as a more comprehensive trip that also goes into Tanzania.

Birding tour: Kenya: The Coolest Trip in Africa
Photo tour: Kenya: Birding with a Camera® (BwC)

Gallery of the Top 20 Wildlife Targets in Kenya:

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